Where to Invest in Property in 2012

With the world becoming much smaller thanks to advancements in international travel property investment hotspots are easier to find than ever before with a choice of countries to choose from. Competition is fierce. However, it can be necessary to get in early to beat the crowds.

With property investment currently very popular, the best thing is to look at the options available before carefully examining a list of individual requirements below market value in advance of any decision making.

Europe has always been a favourite place to part with money for property investment with Spain, Portugal, and France other traditional and trusty options. Finances are still active in these countries, but prices have been driven up, and prime locations are occupied, so now other European nations are also competing for their slice of the action.

New contenders for 2011/2012 are Malta Egypt and Turkey again all popular holiday locations but now offering further potential for those with some money to spend. With all of the appeal of a warm climate and great beaches, these countries have the added benefit of being slightly more competitively priced and much less commercialized meaning there is more chance of availing of a good deal.

While Europe is a fantastic starting point, there are plenty of other great locations and overseas properties to choose from even if it does mean a little more travel time. New flight routes to the Far East have opened up these countries to property investors keen to capitalize on the heady mix of exotic charm and a dazzling array of modern cities mingling with ancient culture and breathtaking beauty spots.

The West has a good relationship with South East Asia and top cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur command common interest for their popularity in the business and tourism domain.

With masses of potential overseas properties are especially attractive to people looking to buy below market value and wanting to make a good return. With little competition as yet and comparatively low prices, there is no better time to consider this region, but it pays to be quick.

Of course, property investment comes with its own risks namely financial ones due to the unstable economic climate but by carefully considering all aspects of the process and not being too hasty, the chances are reduced.

There is still the chance to earn money from property, whether it be as an income through rental or as a lump sum windfall in years to come.

Another destination predicted to be popular with those in search of overseas property investments in the Caribbean which is a comfortable distance from both the US and Europe and is a safe bet due to year-round sunshine laid back charm and a choice of beautiful islands to choose from.

With world-class diving pristine beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, there is little to detract from the island appeal especially to those in search of overseas properties which can be used as a holiday home or property to let to other holidaymakers.

The UK itself also has some excellent investment opportunities, but London is becoming much less popular due to rising prices and the likelihood of profits being reduced. Instead, cities like Manchester are in demand, and with massive regeneration business opportunities and a diverse education scene, it’s not difficult to see the appeal.

People from all walks of life want to live in this compact city, and this means that there are properties available but still at prices which are significantly lower than London. With masses of options across the world and plenty of overseas properties, there are no limits, and it’s merely a matter of investors doing some research and working out what they want whether it be overseas properties or something a little closer to home.

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