When The Kingdom of Israel Was Split Into Two

The kingdom of Israel was split into two nations, the northern kingdom which was called the House of Israel and the southern business which was known as the House of Judah. The northern kingdom continuously disobeyed God, which means Father allowed them to take place captive by Assyria. Then this House of Judah furthermore played the harlot in 586 B.C. and for Seventy years was flourished into Babylon. But right after 70 years what transpired the House associated with Judah begun to come back, and so they rebuilt Jerusalem.

So broken down they fall if they are allowed to go back, the majority of Judah came back from Babylon through the Northern House involving Israel never came back! We were holding assimilated into the international locations, Assyria took them hostage, and they had been pushed to all four corners of the after that known world that eventually be all four corners of the earth today. These people never came back. Precisely why we even have the Jewish consumers is because the southeast kingdom came back! If they had not come back from captivity, we would not bother learning about the Sabbath day or the true meaning of Easter. We would have a bible to be investigating without them coming back. All of those other tribes, they do not exist right now because they never went back.

How many tribes were on the base of Mt Sinai once the commandments are given’! But only literally is know for Judah exists today. That is why Israel is connected to the Jewish individuals, and we are not educated to read the front with the book, which is not a bad thing but just the facts associated with life. We thought that the bible was created to the Jews, and the New Testament had been written to Followers. That is the assumption, but that’ hat the bible claims. The bible says it had been written to all regarding Israel; only ten tribes would not come back.

So the ten tribes were taken straight into captivity and were paid all across Assyria and overtime were assimilated into the nations and became what the prophecy said of Ephriam, Melo Ha’, the fullness regarding countries, they started to be as gentiles.

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