What Is The Meanest Type of Insect

You live in Florida or any form of temperate or hot climate you see lots of bugs. Bugs love warm moist areas like the southeastern US or tropical regions of the Caribbean.

Naturally north climates see their slice of bugs in the summer months too. But if you live in Florida or other warm states bugs a year-round neighbour. Usually, for the central part with bugs, Their bark is worth than their bite. That is to claim their look is worse than what they do to people. Of course, critter bites are not the sole danger with bugs. They can and do carry diseases
and certainly can infest and infect food supplies of various kinds.

Nevertheless, it does beg the question’br> What is the worst kind of crawly creature in the planet’ I’m talking about insects and spider here. No spiders are not insects. They are arachnids. And some would say that under the class of ‘tests ‘rodents might be the worst to cope with. They genuinely do spread disease, and a rat bite is no bargain.

But just for the fun of it, I did some research to see what was the most shocking bug in the world’Not solely in Florida. Happily, almost all of what I found was in other locations on the planet. Anyway here’s my list of the worst sort of insects. Japanese Giant Hornet Imagine a wasp that’s as big as your thumb and likes to spew poison that may melt your flesh. I’m not making this up. This is what the Japanese Giant Hornet wants to do in its free time.

Plus the deadly spray essentially sends out a pheromone that calls all it’s chums to join the party. The Japanese Giant Hornet
and its pals can sting your death in the case of minutes. 40 folk a year are killed precisely like that. Thankfully it does generally stay in Japan.

The Bullet Ant This fellow is about an inch long and likes to hang out in trees and fall on its prey when it is least suspecting. Luckily it gives out a shriek as it attacks, so you know it’s coming. Feel better now’ the worst part about the Bullet Ant is their bite. It’s called the Bullet Ant because their sting feels like you are getting shot with a gun.

Cool huh,’ what’s funny is the indigenous folk in the rain-forests from Nicaragua to Paraguay who lives near these ants Use them as a right of passage for the boys coming into manhood. They make their kids get bitten tons of times with the point of seeing if they can stand it for 10 minutes. And to pass the tribulation and become a man they should do this twenty times. And you thought your ma and pa were hard.

And last but not least one of my favourite ‘ad Bugs’is’br> The Africanized Honey Bee Now this bee does not look any meaner than any other honey bee. You cannot tell by looking.

But beauty is only skin deep. These guys have an unpleasant disposition. Just walk by the hive, and you can attack by all the bees in the hive till you screem’Well they don’t care if you beg for help. They’ll keep on attacking. And if you run they will chase you for over a kilometre or so until they get you.

And if you haven’t heard their heading north. They are coming out of Brazil and moving fast. They were spotted in Montana in 2010. So that is my view on the Worst Bugs In The World. There are more mean bugs, and if you’d like to see some videos visit my Pest Control Company internet site. We might be happy to show you some bad bugs in action.

Rick Hart is an online business consultant. He provides tools for pest control corporations in Clearwater Florida that help with bug extermination rodent removal and termite removal.

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