Types of Promotional Materials

Nevertheless, here are some of the most effective promotional items from which you may choose the most effective carrier of your products or services. You can even use multiple means. Brochure or pamphlet. This is a carefully mapped out promotional material that should contain your company’s or organization’s valuable information, such as your vision, mission, objectives, services or products offered, achievements, contact details, and key personnel. It is presented explicitly with an attractive design and vibrant colours to encourage readers.

Colour flyers. These are proven to be active producers of traffic, especially during trade shows and social events, drawing clients to visit your booth. Catalogues. This is an active carrier of new products. Coffee Mug is a handy carrier of your company name, products, and advocacy because it is one of the most ubiquitous items in offices, homes, and other venues.

It does not only serve as a reminder to the user but also to all people who happen to see it. Stubby Holder is another term for a koozie, a cylindrical insulator that holds beer cans and bottles. Particularly useful during summer and in outdoor activities, a stubby holder can bring your message to parties, the great outdoors, and to any social gatherings. Umbrella. This is a very effective means to create a dramatic impact on your company or service.

Especially if you are into the insurance business, printing your company name and logo on an umbrella can send a subliminal message that you get people covered against any weather, just like what an umbrella does. T-shirt. This item can bring your message to different and far-away places by using the wearer a passive yet active carrier of your product, service, or advocacy. Keychain. Keys are among the first things that many people cannot leave home without.

As common sense dictates, keys should be kept together for convenience and practicality. Therefore, the keychain is handy. Add a little bit of something, like a cute bottle or ribbon, to a simple keychain, and you are surely imprinting into people’s memory what you have to offer them. A personal alarm on a keychain will also remind them of you. Pens.

These are the most popular giveaway during company anniversary, fundraising events, community affairs, and other occasions. They tell not only their users but also other people who may see them used. Desk and wall calendars, refrigerator magnets, fans, and other little items like silicone wristbands are useful promotional items that can enhance your customer relationship, influence customer’s choice of company or product, and reinforce customer loyalty and build trust in your organization. These items also have the power to influence customers’ perception and quality consciousness positively.

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