This is How Doug Jones Quickly Learned to Become a Highly Effective Senior Manager

If you feel that you have realistic ambitions to achieve the higher position of a senior manager, this article is a ‘must read’for you. It shows how an ordinary person managed to change his style at work and rise the promotional ladder. We are not discussing here a person who had exceptional educational qualifications or someone that is particularly bright. Also, when he started on this section of his journey, he was not particularly well connected. The only thing he had going for him was this intense feeling inside that he was as good as any other person.

From his point of view, he could see no reason why he shouldn’t be able to rise to the top. The point at which our hero’s life changed was when he discovered ways to use NLP techniques to alter how he sounded to everyone else. He turned his appearance, and he decided to get more courageous and enthusiastic about his approach to everything he did. But our hero didn’t stop there. He didn’t focus all his attention on himself.

What he had learned was that he must become good at ‘reading’ others. He made a study of their behavior, and in particular, he studied the language utilized by each influential person he came into contact with. He listened to find out whether their preferred thinking style was auditory feeling or visual. Once he had ascertained the other person’s preferred thinking style, he would talk to them using language that was rich in their style. As an example, if the influential person he was talking with had a visual form, our hero would be sure that he used plenty of visible words when chatting with them.

He would say things like ‘ see what you mean’br> or ‘hat would appear to make sense’ There was nothing complicated or unnatural about what our hero did to become a very active senior manager ‘ nothing that you couldn’t do. As an NLP Practitioner, my mission is ‘o enable you to make changes in your thinking your feelings and your behaviour that will make your performance excellent both at work and in your personal life’ I am getting results for the staff of major companies like Dell.

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