The Role of Video Conferencing in Co-working

In 1999, Bernie DeKoven was the first to use the term “co-working,” and it has evolved from there into everyday use. It simply means a group of people who work independently with no joint employer but who share a shared work environment. What is a Co-working Community? Many one-person business owners and many freelancers work from home.

The isolation or distractions that many feel in their home environment can be solved by becoming a member of a co-working community. A community often starts when several entrepreneurs meet frequently and spend many hours working together at a coffee shop or cafe that offers free wi-fi. Recently this has led to a start-up of physical spaces dedicated to co-working communities.

These are private spaces with facilities and desk space rented or leased to individuals who work independently. Often these spaces offer the atmosphere of an office, a place to receive mail, a large meeting room for use by the occupants, and other innovative services.

What is Video Conferencing? Video conferencing is a video/audio system set up by technology personnel in a conference room so that the place and its occupants will appear on the video screen and can be heard through the audio transmissions. Each person or group of persons in the room is furnished with a microphone. A group of business people anywhere in the world, can sit in a conference room and see and be seen by a group of business people anywhere else in the world on a large screen as long as both groups are in a place that has video conferencing capabilities.

They can talk to each other; they can see each other; they can be introduced individually so that they get to know each other; and they can resolve issues and all this without hours and hours spent in airports, flying into different time zones, or driving long distances. The cost benefits are easily seen. Businesses are moving more and more into a global environment with branches and offices in other nations.

This is technology’s answer to a growing dilemma about where to place critical people. With video conferencing, this is no longer as big a problem. How Can Video Conferencing Help the Co-working Community? Video conferencing is ideal for the co-working community as it can reduce the time needed to meet with clients or customers and resolve issues.

Not only is video conferencing efficient for the co-working community, but it produces a highly professional atmosphere. Most entrepreneurs are incredibly conscious of the value of time. With a tool such as this, they can use their time more wisely.

It is a sales tool in itself and will make conferences more manageable. With HD video conferencing the transmissions are clear and distinct. HD video conferencing has only been available since 2005, but it is a vast improvement over previous systems. There are no limitations to the use of video conferencing in a co-working environment.

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