Teenage Obesity and Weight Loss Treatments | Diet Motivation Tips

Teenagers discuss the struggles with obesity, and treatment options¦7 Minute muscle, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, yeah I was thinking the same thing, just dieting is not going to help, you need to be active 30-45 minutes a day,7 Minute Muscle,Sorry, I’m not really sure how expensive that is I suggest you talk to your doctor or health care professional, Rob in health,Fat Loss Revealed,is it very expensive to undergo that surgery?,Strip That Fat, Not sure why they complain, stop eating fatty foods, and exercise, diets won’t do it, you need to move!Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the only things who work are smaller portions of Food and a bit more exercises! and to be kind to your self! you’re beautiful!

but when you want to lose some weight for your health, it’s your business nobody Else’s!!! and I know luv that Food is like heroin like a big addiction! I hope you get the help you seek and get your self a better strategy for losing some weight! first step 10 % off your weight!!! that will make more motivated wish you all the luck and you/everyone could make it,7 Minute Muscle, high-fat diets are the only ones that work permanently,7 Minute muscle,Okay—You can’t just rely on Diet Programs lady,,Great clip There’s a new documentary hitting theaters called Waiting for My Real Life soon talking about this subject, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, It’s right what you’re saying A lot of eating disorders, including obesity, are all psychological They are habits ingrained into your lives which stop you really enjoying Food There has to be a mental change before the physical one can begin,7 Minute muscle,

it’s not just working out she says the diets don’t work, but it’s not the diet that’s the problem it’s her relationship with Food it’s so frustrating hearing people say that they don’t work’ yeah, they only work if you STICK TO THEM go figure,it breaks my heart seeing young people go through surgery, sometimes irreversible, when what they need is emotional and psychological therapy for their dependence on Food, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, Obviously exercise is the only true way to lose weight, and that diets are only supported structures FOR exercise as well as a healthy lifestyle¦,But that’s not the American instant gratification way,Fat Burning Furnace, TRUE, Fat Burning Furnace, One can also be addicted to the abhorring of Food, or Anorexia and Bulimia There has to be a middle ground, but sometimes that gets lost in everyday life, Strip That Fat, wow she says I’ve tried all the DIET PROGRAMS¦, of course, they don’t work!,you need to WORK OUT!

that’s the only thing that works trust me, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, Food becomes an addiction It sounds rediculous, but it’s true, when you’re overweight Food, is like heroin, you get a high when you’re stuffing your face, and you can’t stop I think gastric bypass is a great way to solve the addiction, because it is like a drug, but you can’t get away from it—you can’t just say I’m not going to use this anymore when you’re addicted to Food

It’s sad but true, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, Great advice! Keep up the good work Robin health,7 Minute muscle,I had gained an incredible 100 lbs I cut out fast Food except occasionally,cooked at home,baked more foods,cut out soft drinks except diet,drank coffee without sugar,reduced sweets,except for sugar free things,occasionally a bit of a candy bar, etc and I’ve lost very slowly from the end of June 2008-Feb2009 51 lbs I also try to walk 1 mile a day at least three times a week(BP, Cholesterol, and triglycerides are all down) Painless weight loss Slow is the key to success Just my thoughts, Fat Loss 4 Idiots,

A gastric bypass is not the easy way There are some mechanisms in the body, which makes it impossible for the extremely obese to loose all the overweight the normal way Many of them will have to live on VERY little Food, in order not to regain the weight So little, that high doses of additional vitamins, minerals and such are nessecary just to keep them healthy There is no easy way out of these problems once they are established,Fat Loss Revealed, change your diet an excercise I lost 80 lbs in a year Focus on filling foods like soups n stuff, they help craves a LOT,Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle,i’v struggled with weight, and I lost over 40lbs less than a year by doing billy blanks taebo and not eating any fried foods and not eating and junk food as in chips chocolete and all that bad stuff and stuck with eating one serving of stuff a day AND I also did weight watchers points¦i didnt care for the weight watchers excercise so I just used the weight watchers points and did taebo insted!!!!

anyone out there struggling to lose weight DONT GIVE UP BELIEVE IN URSELF U CAN DO IT!,7 Minute Muscle,admmwl, Most sports do not recommend eating before a game Some will load up on energy drinks, bars or a light meal But you are right especially after For the most part, it is our body’s response after burning all the fuel that the body starts to crave, Fit Over 40, Notice that many obese people try to figure surgery is the only option?,Many fail to realize that it is more of a psych issue Seek support, seek counselling, seek your coping mechanisms, find your strength If you don’t have that mentation and the will to lose the weight, then all diet program will fail, I have to remind myself that not all people are strong.

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