Sucessful Online Small Businesses Own Multiple Websites

Ironically, you will likely increase your chances of moving from rank 4 to rank one by focusing on something else. On the internet, if you have correctly cross-linked your network of sites, then it is your entire that grows together rather than individual web sections. Once you’ve built a website to an adequate level that it is self–sustaining, then it is to expand visually many on to a different site.

The new site can be an accessory site to your primary site, or it could be completely unrelated. It does not matter as much whether they are related or not; as you build up this new site, you will enjoy another revenue stream while the links from the original site build up the position and search engine rankings of your other sites. After having learned what it takes to succeed online, I started a consulting business focused on enabling others to achieve success online, and one of the first things I tell my clients is to keep moving.

If you’ve done as much on page optimization as is necessary for your one site, then build another website. If you are tired of doing marketing for one place, rather than burning yourself out and taking a break, find something else to write about on a different site.

All of your sites will benefit from the work you put in on any one place, and ultimately your entire enterprise will grow, and you will also find that with each additional site you add, the time it takes for that new site to enjoy success declines proportionately with the size of your online enterprise. Of course, there are many ways to get the maximal benefit out of your work which is why I recommend to everyone looking to start an online business that they find a mentor they can look to for guidance and advice, but no matter what stage you are at in your online enterprise, keep building. Stay consistent and keep building, and you will ultimately enjoy success.

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