Some Of The Advantages of Server Co-Location and How To Locate A Reliable Colocation Provider

Smaller companies, therefore, can compete with larger companies that run costly IT departments. The colo provider also has full-time staff who maintain your server and can assist with any problems you may have with it. After your server has been installed, you’ll receive an IP address which allows you and your customers to connect to your website on your server.

Through using a server colocation provider, you don’t have to pay for a large amount of bandwidth needed for a site that has large files being downloaded from it regularly or that has a lot of traffic. There is a charge for the server colocation provider’s services, but it’s usually less costly than hosting your server yourself. Colocation providers have generators for backup power supply, so the servers won’t go down if the electricity gets cut off.

A colocation provider will also have server security that is often much better than your home or office server security. There is a range of online comparison sites where you can enter the requirements you need from your server colo provider, and the site will provide various options and quotes depending on your needs. If you’re thinking of using a particular colo provider, view their website or give them a call to find out what services they provide and how much it’ll cost you to use them.

There is usually an online information request form you can fill in on the website if you want more information from the colo provider. The colo provider should utilize a Tier 1 International OC192 internet backbone and also connect to several hundred other internet networks.

The colo provider should offer round-the-clock technical assistance and redundant UPS. You should use a provider that has been in business for a long time (at least ten years) and has been profitable and stable for many years. Your business dealings with the colocation provider will be a lot more efficient if they have a lot of experience and they are not likely to go bankrupt, which means you’re unlikely to need to find a new server colo provider.

It’s a good idea to check with various colocation providers how much they would charge you to do future upgrades. Ask to see a list of the colocation provider’s customers so you can check how reliable they are with other clients, and also see if they have brand name clients, which would generally indicate that they are safe.

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