Sell Before Your Build – Marketing 8 Motivation

The seed for this crawl was a list of every host in the Wayback Machine; This crawl was run at a level 1 (URLs including their embeds, plus the URLs of all outbound links including their embeds), The WARC files associated with this crawl are not currently available to the general public.,Sell before you build or build an audience before you make a website. The old saying of “build and they will come” doesn’t hold in the internet age. A far better idea is first to build an audience using free sites like Facebook, YouTube, and industry or product specific forums. Then you can test to see if there is a market before jumping in and spending money on building your website. Plus then once you do create a website you have instant traffic rather than having to go out then and look for traffic after you have just spent a lot of money building your site.

One of the hardest things about an online business is getting people to visit your site. Yes, the positives are enormous like an unlimited amount of customers to go after, but how do they know about you or your website. How are these customer going to find your website? Now if you already have built up an audience or a bunch of followers once you launch your site you will have traffic from day one.,So often people rush in and spend all their start-up budget building a fantastic website for their online business, then wonder why no one is buying. Well, customers can’t buy if they don’t know where to find you and you can’t expect people to just come across your site by chance. So then they have to work out how they are going to market their website to get customers to visit.

This can become one of the most costly exercises you can undertake if you haven’t already built some audience in advance.

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