Must Have Tech for 2011: From a Fingerprint Time Clock to VoIP

A fingerprint time clock is the time clock of the future. You put your finger on a small piece of software, and it matches you with a system profile. You are granted entry into your work building and are immediately clocked in. What’s next, retina scanners? (I think they already have those).

The tablet is like the laptop had a baby with a smartphone. You have considerably more computing power than you do on your phone but without the weight and schlep of a computer. As convenience becomes increasingly important in the desire to check Facebook and Twitter, everyone wants the internet all the time. But the phone is so small.

The tablet is the solution. You can expect to see more and more of these as the years go on and technology improves. Within three years they’ll probably be as powerful as today’s laptops. The cloud is another critical change to the tech game.

We want all our devices to be synced so that if we update our phone, we don’t have to upgrade our home laptop and our work laptop, etc. With the cloud, you can sync your lifestyle and keep documents, music, and other data in the ether so you can access it whenever and wherever you are. VoIP is another good one.

It harnesses the power of the internet to make phone calls. Landlines have fallen the way of the record player, except collectors probably won’t prefer them ever. Call on your computer, long distance for really cheap. There are all the other options you’d expect too, such as three-way calling, virtual fax, and toll-free numbers.

This is a good one to invest in, especially for small businesses. So basically, because of the internet, everything is getting faster, lighter, and more convenient. Contacting friends and loved ones is easier than ever, and technology streamlines the whole world of business.

It’s an exciting time, and it’s essential to know about all of these changes so that you can make your life ever-easier. Because that’s what technology is for, right?

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