Marketing Your Brand: The Power Of Exhibition Stands

You have created a brand message that accurately depicts the quality of your service, the intensity of your drive, and the benefits of doing business with you. You now have the opportunity to shout your brand to the heavens at the next industry event, trade show, or affiliate program.

You need exhibition stands to make your brand stand out from all of the other people who think that they have the same thing you do – the best product or service in the world. How do you make yourself truly stand out in an increasingly cluttered world full of increasingly disloyal and impatient customers? The right exhibition stands in the right place at the right time can be your answer.

There are many different types of display stands based on your event, your budget, and many mitigating factors. Below are a few of the different types and what they are best used for:

1 — the traditional stand. The double rod with the platform in between has to be the most tried and true of all exhibition stands, and still one of the most popular. This type of stand has an old-world appeal to it, used to bring back feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

2. The modular display stand. Modular display stands are stands that come apart at specific points, and allow an exhibitor to play around with the display. These types of positions are great to use when you can’t quite get in touch with the exhibition executives to know exactly how much space you will have at an event. They are also great for travel, as they can be broken up and placed into luggage quite easily.

3. The literature stand. This specialized stand is best for booksellers, as it resembles a bookshelf more than anything. A levelled display that will allow an exhibitor to place things at eye level, the literature stand is also suitable for tiered displays or displays of products at different quality levels.

4. The banner stand. Perhaps the newest and most significant of the positions, banner stands have their subculture of sorts, and the going gag seems to be to get the most prominent banner that you can to make the competition look bad the previous year. These types of stands are great for travel and come in many variations: rigid, motorized, cassette, and roller banners.

5. The pop up stand. The pop-up stand is quite the artistic standout, and the most portable option for any business to use. The pop-up stand is perhaps the most versatile stand of the five mentioned, and the most customizable outside of the modular stand. The pop up stands probably the best out of the most prominent banner stand that you can find for branding.

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