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Abby Fallon’s Boulevard Café, In between studying for her online college courses, Abby Fallon, 18, spends her days at Boulevard Café, not doing homework or sipping on coffee with her friends. She runs the place.,After working at her parent’s health food store, JC Health Foods, since she was 15, Fallon began to notice a demand for healthy smoothies and fruit drinks. With talk of opening up a juice bar in the health food store, dinner table conversation soon turned that budding idea into something much larger.,Fallon and her folks decided to open up a coffee shop to suit the needs of their community. Following the health food store’s mission to promote healthy living, Boulevard Café provides gluten-free foods and beverages in addition to traditional coffee drinks””getting back to the basics, Fallon said.,As Fallon finishes up her senior year of high school and prepares to head off to college, she continues to manage her coffee shop, which has been open for business since May 2011,Although she is much younger than some of her customers and even her employees, Fallon, doesn’t let her age get the best of her. Instead, she uses it as motivation to propel her business into something the entire community can appreciate.

, Fallon will leave Jefferson City in the fall for college. Although she will no longer be managing while away at school, she will continue to be apart of Boulevard Café’s success and legacy., Listen to her story now: My wife & I frequent Boulevard Cafe quite often. Nakole has Celiac Disease (gluten free), which has changed our eating/diet lifestyle. Not only do we appreciate Abby & staff’s great demeanor when there, but we also understand their healthy options for us. Abby & staff are very knowledgeable about their foods/drinks and the ingredients that go into them.

We recommend anyone, regardless of any special diets or not, to stop into Boulevard Cafe. Try their products, ask questions, and see for yourself., I love this story, and have loved it since I met Abby a few months ago! What an incredible testimony she has!!!, I’m so happy to have JC Health Foods and the Cafe here in JC. The service has always been excellent! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *, Name *, Email *, Website, Spam Filter*What is the name of the main street in downtown Jefferson City? Due to the high number of comment spam we require a little geography quiz., Comment, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

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