Life’s Motivation | How to make Network Marketing Your Retirement Plan

“When I first came across Network Marketing Business Opportunities, my first thought went a bit like this. That’s not a business!, A company, to me, was something that big, multi-national corporations did.,Over time I learnt about small businesses, and I even set up some myself. I didn’t think Network Marketing could genuinely be classed as a business because it still didn’t fit my mould., I mean it was all there for You. The work was already done. There were products to sell, but You weren’t even the one doing the selling because people would go directly to the company for that.

It seemed too natural to be a business opportunity; so I didn’t ever take it seriously as one.,I believed that to make money; You had to put in the effort. A lot of energy. And then You would see some reward., But after putting effort into setting up several businesses of my own and receiving minimal compensation, I got to thinking.,Maybe there was something in this business that You could decide to do one day and start working on that very same day. Maybe there was something in a market that took care of all the tricky things for You., All that was left to do was the marketing bit. The putting people in front of the product; let them know that it’s there.

, A light went on in my head., Hang on a minute maybe this thing is a business after all. And perhaps it’s a little bit smarter than those other businesses I had tried to do work in the past.,Here I was, with an opportunity to start a new business, and I didn’t have to do anything to get it going. I didn’t have to invest. I didn’t have to create a brand. I didn’t have to generate information or any of that stuff.

; It was all there for me.,All I had to do was tell people about it. And if they liked the product, they could buy it. Then I would make a little money. Real it’s not a lot of money for every product purchased, but it is a little.,And the beauty comes over time when that person starts to introduce people to the product too. Because I will make a little bit of money from those people as well, and what’s more, I would keep making money from people introducing other people to this product down to six levels of people below me.

, If the people liked the product, then they would keep on purchasing it month after month after month. And I would keep receiving my little bit of money for every person that bought the product each month., Suddenly it sounded good.,It didn’t look amazing. I realized I wasn’t going to start today and bring in crazy amounts of money tomorrow. But I did recognize that over time, these little bits of capital had the potential to grow into more significant amounts of money.,I thought about my future. And I thought about how great it would be to be able to build this business at a pace that I could maintain; and what it could grow into.

, If I’m honest, for the first year I was a little bit sad. I was quite scared of rejection, and I was doing it by myself. Simon hadn’t yet joined me in seeing the opportunity. I didn’t put much effort into the business, and as a result, I didn’t get very much out of it.,But I did get a little out of it. When Simon and I took a fresh look at it earlier this year we saw that we were receiving our product for Free each month.

We no longer had to pay for this great product that we enjoyed so much. But not only were we getting Free product every month, but we were also receiving a cheque every month too. Right; the check wasn’t for a lot we were hardly going to Live off it. But I hadn’t put much effort in at all, and we were being rewarded., We worked out what would happen if we were to grow our business by the same amount every year until we retired what we would be earning by then? In twenty years, when Simon is 58, and I am 54 (so we’re still a wee while off retirement age) Our cheques from Life Force would be over $1,000 a month. And that’s with pretty much no effort on Our part.

, Imagine what we could achieve if we put effort into this thing? Imagine if We grew Our business faster. Imagine what we could be earning from it in twenty years.,A little while ago I was doing my recycling, and a Man at the Recycle centre looked at our bottles of Body Balance., Ahhh, he said, Body Balance I’ve seen these around a lot My mate lives in Auckland. His Grandmother died a little while ago and left him her Life Force Business. He hasn’t done anything with it, but he keeps getting Free Body Balance and every month he gets a cheque for thousands of dollars!This struck me as even more incredible. Not only was there an opportunity here to look after Our future but also the future of Our children when We are gone.

, This is why we chose to start doing this business properly. We want to create a future for OurSelves and Our children and for all the other people who decide to join Us along the way.

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