Is World Ventures A Scam?

You may be researching this company because maybe you were sent a message about going to a friend’s home for a fabulous opportunity. The news that you received did not tell you what the meeting was about and that the only thing you need to know is that this was a great opportunity. So you go to the event/meeting where there is a charismatic speaker who sits you down to watch this unbelievable presentation on a discounted travel group called World Ventures. So at the end of the performance, you are excited and ready to join immediately. There are several packages that you can purchase.

However, you are encouraged to go all in to get the most bang for your buck. There’s a one-time fee of about $300 and then a monthly payment of about $60. With World Ventures, you have the opportunity to make some income. When you sell vacation memberships, you are paid a commission for every person that buys the travel club membership. World Ventures is not a scam.

The whole Idea around this company is buying in bulk! Just think about when you go to Sam’s club or Costco, and you buy a 48 pack of toilet paper. When you break down the cost of that single item by cents and dollars, you can see how much money you are saving versus buying smaller units. According to World Ventures, members typically save the price of their membership within their first two trips. World Ventures offer a variety of, and they take the planning out of travel because the flights are already set. All you have to have is the time to take the tours.

Sounds good. Now the question is… Can you make money with World Ventures? Let take a look at their Binary Tree taken from World Ventures compensation plan book The Binary Organization is built on twos. Each Representative has a left side and a right side and may be related to only one Representative on each side. For example, Representative A has one relationship on his left, Representative B, and one relationship on his right; Representative C.

Representative B and C each have precisely the same relationships under them, left and right. If Representative A sponsors another Representative, he/she must go under B or C, and A chooses where he/she goes. This is called “Spillover.” Representative D would “spillover” into B or C’s organization. Now for the compensation plan: World Ventures pays their Representative a $20 direct commission for every initial sale of a Dreams Trip membership or DreamTrips Life Product. However, you can get a whopping $150 for every initial purchase of a Luxury Dreamtrip Membership.

They also offer weekly bonuses to teams. As you get higher on the totem pole there is a chance to earn a Dream Car which is a beautiful BMW Here’s a look at the ranking and the Maximum Monthly Commissions: Sales Rep. $500 Director $2,000 Marketing Director $5,000 Regional Marketing Director $10,000 National Marketing Director $20,000 International Marketing Director $50,000 Plus weekly bonus. I mean this plan is pretty good, but I’ve seen better. The whole Idea of only having a maximum monthly commission does not sit too well with me.

Especially the amount the sales Representative can make monthly. So to me, World Ventures is a legitimate company. You can be successful with World Ventures. It just depends on how much effort you put into your business. In this Game of Multi-Level Marketing, there is no “Easy” button that’s going to make you instantly more productive.

It’s all about your mindset and what you are willing to do to get where you want in this business. Heck, I was one of those people that got invited to the presentation. But I chose a different route. If you are in World Ventures and you are looking for an excellent way to promote your business and get more sales to click this link here, and you will genuinely be amazed. I can wish you all the success in the World, but success will not find you, you have to see it! Be Motivated, Be Focused!

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