Hype Amongst Asians For Learning English

But did we ever hear about an interest of the masses in a foreign language over their native language? Well, we can certainly say this about the Asians interest in learning the word ‘English.’ If you see different reports and statistics, it shows the influence of the English language there. It is becoming a trend in Asians to learn English as a language. Not to go abroad or visit English countries, but to stay in competition in their own country. Everything! From education, media, technologies, business, etc. is directly or indirectly connected to the language English.

So you may call it a trend or an obligation, but it is a fact now among Asians. It will also be not incorrect to state that in most of Asia, many Asians prefer and use English as their primary language than secondary. Hollywood is a significant entity on earth and a necessary form of entertainment, even for the Asians! Now you may wonder what an entertainment industry has to do with the trend in the learning of the English language. Well, when something in English becomes the most significant form of entertainment, it becomes the most significant influencing factor in learning of English. Even if you see, most of the literature used in the world for education is written in English.

You can easily find books of science, medical, engineering, history and various other subjects mostly written in the English language. So even in Asia, instead of translating all the literature in their native language, the majority of education systems teach the English language as compulsory for students since the beginning of their primary schooling up to their college. So this competition amongst Asians for learning the English language, throughout their education system, carries to their careers. Then jobs, businesses of various natures are seen to have English as there basis for communication. This trend even spread into the markets, where every ordinary person takes an interest in learning the English language or is also forced to learn it to survive as a competitive businessman in the market.

Especially with the hype in all these technological devices, the cell phones, the gadgets, the tablets! One has to equip himself with its functioning and applications that are found mostly in English. So there is no stopping to this trend! Countries like India, China, and Pakistan, have a vast population that learns, speaks, writes, or understands English.

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