How Website Hosting Is Better Than Cheap Web Hosting Providers

The reality is there is only one real advantage. That is, it is less expensive. The saying people get what they pay for is true. Cheap web hosting can be the first step on the way to a failing business. Lower cost generally indicates poor quality of service. A company that is making little to no profit cannot afford to provide quality services.

It can only increase service if it increases the price of the service. Opting for cheap web hosting means individuals must share space with others. These individuals and companies have chosen low cost over quality service. They may make other bad choices. These businesses frequently buy mailing lists.

The companies then use these to email SPAM. Most people use SPAM blocking software programs. All information will be blocked if it is sharing this company’s space.

The business will be decreased drastically. An additional consideration of cheap web hosting is downtime. The standard for this is less than 1%. Downtimes maybe a couple of hours a week when using a cheap web hosting server. This is not tolerable. Technical support is generally delivered via email. Usually, the amount of time this takes is 48 hours. The price increase is an additional consideration of cheap web hosting. A lot of times the price is only reasonable during the first year.

The price increase drastically the next year. Business hosting is not that much more expensive than cheap web hosting. This is particularly apparent when the quality is service is considered. Many UK business web hosting companies provide quality services. These services are worth the minor extra cost.

A managed dedicated server is included in these services. The day to day tasks is taken care of with managed dedicated servers. This provides additional time for businesses to attend to more critical issues. The managed dedicated server accompanies Monitoring, patching, troubleshooting, and backups. Many of these companies offer bundles of services providing businesses with low-cost options.

Business website hosting offers many advantages that cheap web hosting does not. The same web server is shared by individuals using this type of service. Each website has a special place on the server. This makes it isolated from all of the others.

This eliminates the problem of being blocked because of other company’s SPAM. This type of web hosting offers tech support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This is in house tech support most of the time. The downtime of a reliable web hosting service is less than 1%. The outcome of this is 99.9% of the time it is up and running. The excellent service is more valuable than the slightly increased price.

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