How To Sell Amazon Products Through Facebook

I don’t know about you but every Xmas my shopping for both my kids and my wife seems to be more & more on Amazon, Kindle, DVDs, Xbox games, books – you name it and Amazon have it, its cheaper and speedy delivery – been worth my while becoming an affiliate even, so that natural progression is to take it to Facebook. Your Facebook Fan PageThe idea is to create a Facebook fan page and use it to sell Amazon products as an affiliate. A fan page is like a profile, but it’s for a business, organization, celebrity or cause. You create it, and instead of friends, you get fans. But unlike regular profiles, you can get as many fans as you want.

Other than that, it works pretty much the same. You’ve got a page of information about your product; a wall where you post updates, and all kinds of apps you can use to make it a killer fan page. Then, you drive traffic to the page, get a loyal following, and start selling them products from Amazon. One thing that helps is that Amazon is such a trusted name; people won’t think twice about buying from them. Is It By The Book? The cool thing is that you don’t have to violate the TOS of either Facebook or Amazon.

There’s nothing black hat about this that can get you banned as long as you follow the rules. You go to Amazon and sign up as an affiliate, and use your Facebook page as your website. You’ll get your Amazon links, and you’re ready to go. How To MonetizeLots of Internet marketers say that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are useless for selling. People aren’t on these sites to shop but to hang around and enjoy their interests.

But the truth is that if they’re there hanging around and they love your page, all you need to do is to make an offer. You can put your Amazon links directly on your wall or any other part of your fan page. You have to use an iFrame app to put HTML code on your page, and this takes a little bit of doing, but if you do it once, it’s easier the second time. Then, your fans can buy directly from your fan page, and you get the commission. Another method is to use your fan page to build your list.

Tell them to opt into your email list if they want to get exclusive deals and discounts on Amazon goods. Once you’ve got a file, then you can start making your offers. It works better than a stand-alone website for your opt-in because everybody’s on Facebook. Your page will also come up in search engine results. Tips On Doing It RightIf you’ve never used social media before, you should know that it’s a whole different crowd.

People on social media sites hate being sold to. This means you’ve got to tone down the selling and offer great content. When it comes to marketing on Facebook, it’s all about interactivity. Get some apps that let you do surveys, quizzes, chat rooms, and anything else that will get your fans involved. This is how you get them telling other people and make your fan page viral.

It’s a good idea to test the waters before you put too much effort into your fan page. The reason is that some niches do better than others on Facebook. Before you make your page, look for pages in similar niches and see if people are on them. Finally, make sure you obey Facebook’s Terms of Service. Otherwise, they’ll ban you quickly, and you may never know why.

Read over them before you get started. Facebook fan pages are great for selling Amazon products, and the cool thing is that nobody knows about this yet. You can be the first in your niche to do it, and you can dominate it!

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