How IRIS Payroll Software Makes Paying Employees Simple

IRIS payroll software is built specifically for companies with less than 50 employees. With smaller companies, turnover sometimes becomes a much more significant problem than it is for large companies, and so the first feature of IRIS payroll software is the ability to add and delete employees with extreme ease.

The IRIS software takes many of its cues, like its add and remove functionality, from Office, making the IRIS program instantly recognizable and very intuitive for anyone who knows accounting software in general. This is a must for small businesses, who sometimes do not have the workforce to hire specific accounting employees.

Therefore the software that it uses must be easy to use while still providing the power that the more prominent names do. IRIS software is such a program. Perhaps the most crucial feature of IRIS is the ease with which a company can get started with the program.

Installation and setup is a breeze, with its setup manual being hailed as one of the easiest to understand on many reviews, both personal and professional. The customer service around the setup period is also well known to be very good, with reps getting back to you within the day with most problems, and the day after for most everything else, if you are unable to secure a representative on the actual phone call, which is quite rare.

One of the best features here is the face to face or online conference training that new employees receive on the workings of IRIS, something that solidifies the employee understanding of the program as well as the bond between the company and the service.

IRIS can help a payroll officer easily choose a payment period, one that is either weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, or utterly customizable pay periods as well for specialized employees or special arrangements, such as quarterly payments. The IRIS software also keeps up with changes in payroll laws.

It also can help work out pension contributions, national insurance, student loans, and even income tax. Even the basic IRIS program, although it is also offered in a Professional version, can help the small business organize and make its payroll process infinitely more efficient. And perhaps the best benefit of IRIS software – it makes payroll easier.

The bottom line is this: IRIS payroll and accounting software are highly recommended for your business, whether large or small, but especially if you do not have the workforce to deal with payment in a specific manner.

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