How Creating Your Yes List Can Help You To Systemise Your Business

These are things that are high-level strategy pieces that only you can do; they are big things, that have high impact and high value to your bottom line. So how does one go about creating such a list, and what about the things that don’t make it to the Yes List that still need to get done? First of all, you need to take an inventory of everything in your business that you have been doing. Next, work out which of those things need to be on your Yes List. Go through and mark each item with a Yes I absolutely must do this because only I can do it or No, someone else can do this.

At this point, don’t worry about having too many no’s and who will do them. At this step, you need to focus on what of your existing activities get a great big YES. Criteria to keep in mind for your yes events contribute to your overall business strategyMarketing activities (for now)Sales activities (for now)Service delivery activities where the service is based around your skills and expertiseNetworking activities next, Separate the two lists into a Yes list and a No list. For everything that is on your No list determine if you have a process for getting it done.

Two things will become evident; you have a documented procedures for some stuff on your No List, or you don’t have documented processes for the items on your No List. Finally, for ideas on your No list determine if someone else could this if they had a set procedure to follow. For items that could be done by someone else, you’ll need to get cracking on drafting a process so you can get this thing off your plate for good. For stuff on your No list that, after careful consideration, you decide only you can do, you will have to decide if you want it back on your Yes list.

How does having your Yes List help you to systemize your business? Having your Yes List makes you focus on the high-value activities that you should be doing as the business owner, instead of on the necessary and repetitive tasks and activities that are required to keep your business ticking over. So, if it is just you right now in your serviced based business, and you have done up your Yes list, you must determine how many of those items on your No list are required to keep your business going and whether or not you need to get an assistant to help with some of your days to day operations.

If you already have a team around you, its time to brush up on your delegation skills otherwise those No activities will eventually creep back onto your Yes list. The Wrap Up: Letting go of things we have been doing for some time can be a struggle, even when we feel like to keep going and doing everything is sucking the life out of us. But the true essence of owning a systemized business is that you have standards and controls in place that are managed by others. That is, you have systems and processes that are managed by people you trust, and you become freed up to focus on your Yes list, without the threat of your No list creeping back onto your plate.

Your Turn: Do you have a Yes list of things you do in your business and a No list of things that are delegated to your team? What are some of the items on your Yes list? If you don’t have your Yes list yet, do you think this would be a valuable strategy to adopt?

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