House Training Your Dog

Do you often ask yourself: ‘ow to House Train my Puppy’ You should realize that your puppy is not born knowing the proper manners for behaviour in the house.
Relieving himself in the house or apartment is not a good thing but he won’t know that so you need to let him know what he should do instead.

Of course, There are innumerable ways to house train your puppy. And if you go about it the right approach, it should not be too difficult either. Mostly what you need is patience. Punishing your dog will not speed up the process.
As you get to know your new puppy better, you will find that he gives you sure warning signs before he needs to relieve himself.

Pay attention to those and let your puppy spend as much time in the yard outside as possible. Taking your puppy outside very often where he can do his business will help your efforts to house train him. Make sure to take him outside when after he wakes up after meals and after you played with him.

You should get a beautiful and comfortable crate for your puppy. Your puppy can sleep in that crate, and you will see that dogs don’t like to soil the area where they sleep. That is just how dogs are genetically designed.

Of course, Using a litter box can also work. The idea with the litter box is that you do not need to take him outside at night because he can use the box without any help.
Most likely, to keep his crate clean your dog will instead use the litter box. So if you do not want to take him outside at night, this might be an option for you. But once the sun comes out in the morning,

you should take him outside. And every time he does do his business outside
give him a little reward to encourage him. As with all aspects of dog training,
house training can take some time.

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