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We all have heard the word judge before. Time and again you would listen to people say Don’t judge me., but people confuse a majority of concepts with this particular word. Today we will look at the true meaning of judging.   Let’s start by looking at what it isn’t. We all are different.

If we were the same, the world would be filled by robots and zero creativity. So if everyone is different, it is evident that some differences are too high. Not everyone can get along ideally. No matter how much you love your family, there will always be some friction.

There are two forms that this friction can take on. The first is a disliking in someone’s behaviour. This includes habits, body language, etc. That awful noise some people make at the gym or your grandmas are always sniffing when she walks through the house.

The second is a natural disliking against a specific person. To explain this concept, we have to go and look at lions or wolfs or whatever animal you want to look at. Even though two lions have all the space in the world, they will still fight each other for a small portion of the territory. So this will include natural dominance, energy levels, and auras. For this example, we can use guys that always want to fight if someone stares at their girl.

The guy will instinctively dislike the other guys that pose as threats. Having a disliking in the behaviour of a person, or someone’s appearance and being truthful about it, is not judging. We all have different opinions about appearance and life in general.  If you do not approve of someone’s behaviour or presentation, you can tell them. However, there are ways of approaching someone correctly. Remember that your opinion isn’t the only one that exists. It is perfectly normal to dislike some aspects of people or some behaviours that people have.

The concepts above fall under the term disliking. Let’s look at judging. Judging is all about attitude. It is all about how you treat someone. To judge someone is to treat them according to a stereotype or a silly idea. This is wrong. Judging is when you do wrong against a person without knowing anything about that person. It is treating a stranger wrongly from a distance. Let’s look at an example. You can often tell that someone is judging by the word weird. That guy with his tattoos/pink hair/haircut/disability is funny and creepy.

He might be the kindest person alive, and you would have had him/her for a lifetime friend. However, his/her appearance made you judge from a distance, and you will never meet that person. Don’t, Judge! Now you will say Schalk, but I disliked his presence, so it’s not judging, but did you take the time to learn of his appearance before that you convinced everyone else that he is a weirdo and that you should rather walk miles around him? Did you talk badly about him behind his back and made it personal? Maybe you even gave him an awkward, or nasty stare? That my fellow readers are the difference.

If it were merely to say Hey that guy has some guts colouring his hair, I would never do that. and gave a beautiful smile, everything would have been fine, but you just had to glare and gossip and make things up that aren’t true. Can you see the difference?   So how should you handle a situation? Well, my dear readers, this would be a topic for the next blog.

Then we will look into handling situations with people in a proper manner. We will learn to treat people in a way without hurting anyone or creating some conflict disasters.

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