Get Your Story in the Media for Free, Powerful Promotion

Being covered by a reporter is FAR better than running an expensive commercial or ad. In a way, the respected news outlet with the HUGE audience is putting their stamp of approval on YOU as a newsworthy subject. And it isn’t hard to do! Surely you’ve watched TV news and wondered, “Don’t they have anything more interesting to cover?” Most of the time, those stories were suggested to them. You can recommend your account to a reporter, editor, or news director and have YOUR business one of the stories that is being covered.1) Do you have a new idea or technology that is making a difference in people’s lives? You might have a service that is improving the lives of the niche but would be attractive to everyone. Maybe I’m just helping people along the rising river whose homes were flooded, but the entire community will want to know.

2) See a news story that has something to do with you? Maybe the state financial system is having problems, and YOU are a CPA that has some ideas. Perhaps a school in another state has experienced a disaster, and YOU are the principal of a local school who has already made steps to prevent such a failure. This helps you piggyback on an existing story that has been grabbing headlines. It could give you a local angle. Media loves to cover that!3) Stage a visually exciting event.

Camera people from local TV and newspapers will be ready to cover it. The most successful such even I was ever involved in was for a charity that staged an ice cream eating contest between local reporters and radio DJs. Everybody loved watching famous locals gobble down ice cream while making themselves look a bit ridiculous. Media won’t come looking for you, so contact them. Call newspapers in advance.

Call TV the day before and again the morning of your event. Don’t stop once you’ve gotten covered by media. Now that reporters know you become a trusted expert they will want to contact any time your interest comes up in the news. You could be the accountant who gets called every year when the city budget is in the story, or the retired detective who gives a historical analysis of significant crimes, or a local fashion expert who lets media know what’s popular in your town several times each year.

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