Four Color Printing Service and Checking for Color Quality

Four colour printing services may be a pure offering supplied by printing companies who wish to oversee and achieve your printing projects. As a standard, four-colour process printing is today’s quality when it comes to print production.

As a service, it is part of the transaction any clients can get for their business card printing or poster printing needs. However, there is much to the colour we don’t know. While it may seem useless to understand such concepts, it is useful to know more about colours since it is the quality and the makeup of your prints.

Colour Quality and Print Output While it may seem little concern to us, printing clients, businesses, and the like, knowing more about colours is a vital instrument. This is especially true if you invest in printing, whether you profit from, build up your image with them, advertise with prints throughout the year and the like.

Truth is printing companies are not the same. While they may use the same forms of technology, their outputs can be quite different. Studying your options well, observing your prints, can very well determine if you are getting your money’s worth.

Other than this, here are a few more convincing reasons why you should take a closer look in your prints and in the four-colour printing service you acquire:

1. You relieve yourself of any inconvenience when you work with a professional printing company. You need not worry about the consistency of your colours and expect nothing less if you have a trusty and reliable printer.

2. You can genuinely get remarkable prints more than your money’s worth. You can gain prints that are as vivid and professional without spending more.

3. Your printing projects need to be taken care of where the printing company can able to give you the optimum results, given the complexity of your four colour printing job.

4. A highly capable printing company would and should be able to give you options and feedbacks on your projects and the risks you might have to take if and when you custom print on different paper etcetera.

5. You can make more sound decisions, especially when your printing project calls for spot colouring and other custom job applications.

Colour Printing Terms Here then are some concepts and terms you should look for when assessing your prints or when you look for a professional four-colour printing service provider.

1. Color Fidelity or colour accuracy – Printing companies cannot match your original, digital image files to the print output to 100%. It is through calibration that colours are achieved to duplicate and reproduce your images. Colour fidelity comes into the picture because colours need to be matched accordingly.

2. Calibration – it involves the paper and how the ink will work on a particular kind of stock. Presses have calibration so it knows just how to make the proper adjustments – working the paper and the ink so the colours sit well on them and produce consistent results every time, whatever the paper stock may be.

Calibration is maintained too through machines where the same image and colour quality can be seen from one computer monitor to another, so in the final run or production, the file remains consistent with the ones you sent it.

3. Pure Colors – this is a quality that should be present in your prints, wherein colours look as bright and crisp, and not unintentionally dull, flat or dirty.

4. Fastness – colours should last a long time. It should remain vibrant and brilliant and rich. Colourfastness can be better maintained through UV coating or ultraviolet coating that prevents undue fading due to sun exposure.

Enjoy luscious colours for your prints and nothing less. Make the right calls and the right choices for your printing projects and obtain the best quality the four-colour printing service can offer.

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