Find a Real Estate Investor to Buy Your Home

For the last 30 years, I’ve received phone calls daily asking me if I’d like to buy a home for sale. Some of those callers sound like they are desperate to sell, but most are just wishing to hear how much money I might offer them. First, I set about to determine how motivated they are, but I’m still not prepared with everything I need to know to make an offer.

So we continue our discussion and negotiation while we tour their home together. Of course, I’m motivated to buy a home for my reasons, and homeowners are motivated to sell for their reasons, so we may or may not arrive at a price that works for all of us. However, I make sure that everyone involved understands that I am a ready, willing, and able buyer at a price that works for me.

Since I don’t intend to live in the majority of homes I purchase, I’m not emotionally invested in them, which is very different than the experience of the homeowners. It’s the attachment factor that makes homeowners more emotional about their home. Anyone who wants to sell a house fast in Oklahoma City may consider calling me.

When I get a call from a motivated seller, I listen and offer alternative suggestions. More than once, I’ve helped homeowners stay in their home instead of selling it, which is just part of the job of being a real estate investor. Seeing opportunities that someone else cannot see is one of my professional skills that come from experience in the area of buying and selling single-family homes.

It is possible to close on a home sale transaction quickly, sometimes within a week or so, giving homeowners the fast cash they need and another home I need to build my business. It’s possible for everybody to win!

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