Does Your Contact Network Buck The Trend?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate the concept of a contact network or business social networking, because, from a business growth perspective, they work. Who says so? Well, a recent survey revealed that contact networks and small business networking accounted for 79% of all new business sales. (source: social networking provides impressive returns on investment. So when you factor in the low cost of belonging to a very proactive contact network, you will see the risk-reward ratio is so far out of kilter that it’s a no brainer for every new business contact to join a dynamic business social networking group.

Most business contacts are typically connected to a contact network or business social networking through Facebook, LinkedIn, the Breakfast Network International BNI, or one of the other new business contact networks. The main business social networking groups are enormous in scope and provide a fantastic platform for their variant of networking for business contacts.

However, the main three contact network groups just mentioned are several years old and many business contacts are disappointed that these new business contact networks fail to offer a proactive medium for increasing member’s products and service sales. Have a look at some of the new groups online. Some of the founders call it Intelligent Marketing – Strength in Numbers, and some of the ‘New Kids On The Block’ consider their contact network’s are bucking the trend.

The key to achieving increased sales of your products and services is to ensure you only join proactive business social networking groups. Research and identify a group specifically built to ensure their platform exists for business contacts to facilitate increased sales and long term sustainable business growth.

On their new business contact web site look for compelling reasons why you should join their growing army of business contacts. One of the most compelling reasons should be because it’s free to join their small business social networking group.

Business networking is a long way from reaching its maximum potential, so don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat because you haven’t. Contact network bucking the trend? You better believe it.

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