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When you are creating a custom web design, it is essential to develop a useful “About Us” page that will tell your current and potential customers and clients why they should conduct business with you. True, you are repeatedly told that your professional website design should be all about the customer and smart business owners such as yourself understand that your “About Us” page is the most critical customer oriented page on the website.

What Should the ‘About Us’ Have This page should contain everything that someone would want to know about a company when they are determining if they should do business with them. Your “About Us” page should only contain correct and accurate information. This isn’t the place for opinions or colorful language.

You wouldn’t look at the McDonald’s “About Us” page when deciding if you want to do business with them and they tell you the reason is that their fries taste good.? Include:

– Company details – the date it opened/launched, location, a list of products and services you offer.

– Member list – you should include a list of any business or industry organization and societies your company is a part of

– Business Owners/Founders – provide names, education, expertise, and industry experience

– Company mission, philosophy, and goal – why are you in business and how do you conduct business

– Contact information – really the contact information has its page, so it would be ideal for providing a link on your “About Us” page so that customers can quickly locate it.

The amount of information you provide is up to you, you should give a phone number and a postal address, and some small businesses also offer cell phone numbers of key people.

– Links – provide a link for customer service, warranty’s, privacy policy and any other pertinent links a customer would need

– This is also an excellent place to talk about the efforts your company is making to be green. There is a considerable push currently for companies to be environmentally friendly in any way possible.

Remember, you should provide enough information on the above points but not too much that it can get misused by your competitors. Details Presentation Make sure that you give an excellent first impression. This means presenting your information in an orderly manner.

– Company and Individual Data – once you know the information you plan on sharing about your company, you need to decide in what order you will present it. Some businesses will put their tagline on the Home page, while the company details and members/executive information is placed on the “About Us” page. You may consider offering a Fact Sheet in a pdf format that provides information on company performance.

– Photographs – people like to see who it is they are dealing with. Even if your potential customer is 1500 miles away, if they can put a face with a name and a company, it offers a connection point. Puts them on a more personal level with you and your business.

– Combined or Separate – the “About Us” page is typically a separate page from the Home page, though they can be combined. It is best to talk to your professional website design expert as to what they recommend. It is considered acceptable for small businesses to combine the two. Not sure how to correctly do all the above designing advice? With, you get a free website, hosting and marketing advise from their affordable web design team for just a small monthly fee, get your business online!

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