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This is a general inquiry of the Police Auditing world. Inclusively, the terminology “Police Review” is itself hugely general in viewpoint, and by itself doesn’t tell people what area, or facet of consulting we are discussing. Somehow, study for a moment about it. Let’s think about Business Consulting for a little while. Now, when business consulting is brought up, although no one does not know exactly which area of business asking a writer is thinking of, we know one thing.

It is in the area of business. Usually, that is a broad concept. Pretty Big actually. Of Course, at the moment I was given the task to write about “Police Consulting,” I was at first slightly amazed as I wasn’t exactly sure what we were talking about, but then, I compared “business consulting,” and it became more evident.

What my purpose is here, is use a few examples from business and make the concept of Police Consulting, something that readers have some idea of the next time we read it. Usually, “police consulting” should involve any area someone in any job related to police work would do. So, that should entail other fields like finance and more. Of course, there are some direct type police issues such as hiring civilians.

It is essential to handle political issues that could come up and become a problem for police departments. Of course, the list goes on from the very broad, to the tiny. All of it relevant to someone. So, let’s take an example form Chief Richardella’s pages regarding an auditing job he did and submitted graciously to his web blog for us to peruse. The link to the page will be found at the end of this article. And so we read….

“Richard Richardella conducted some Police Auditing recently and shared a recent service consolidation report. He discovered that with a general population population of 36,000 living in 11.7 square miles and a total budget of $13,000,000, the calls for cities services was costing the municipalities between $713 to $1,391 per call and each part 1 crime was costing between $21,000 to $54,000 (Only 10% were violent crimes, no murder cases). With the proposed consolidation, there was no loss of ancillary services .”

This paragraph is telling us about a recent consulting job that Richard Richardella conducted. The main idea in this report appears to be that there were entirely too many police officers at work for the number of phone calls coming in. There is not much that is only police only in this article.

The company could have done a study and found that there were too many police officers for the amount of work. But, in the case of police, and anything connected to a city, there are politics involved, which means that there are different people with different ideas as to how things should run. But the bottom line is, having an audit that points this out is crucial to getting anything done.

Now to look at the next section of the analysis, we find something on civilianization. Now upon reading this, I ask myself whether there is some good reason that an administrator would care about the number of civilians in a department. I had no one handy to talk to. It would appear to me that, it must be cheaper to use civilians, mainly because they may be hired under a contract and not be put under the city’s retirement, insurance plans and what not. And, since no police training is involved, that is a further possible reason for saving money.

Chief Richardellanotates also what questions are to be asked, but now we have an idea “why” they are essential to be asked.

Civilianization was increased in the department from 10 FTE to 20.
To determine whether a position could be civilianized, the following questions must be asked:
1. Does the situation involve responding to police emergencies?
2. Does the job require police officer status or arrest powers?

In summary, Police Auditing is just regular consulting. It is about the area of managing the Police Department, just like a business.

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