Can I Get My Own Title Company When Selling My House?

Everybody knows that it’s not a good idea to use the same attorney to represent both parties to a divorce. In most states, it’s impossible; there has to be a separate attorney for each party. Well, I’m not suggesting that a real estate transaction is as adversarial as divorce, not at all, but I’m saying that you need professional representation for your “side” of the sale in the closing process.

Your real estate broker is not an employee of a title company, and his or her job ends when the processing of the legal paperwork is in the hands of the title company. The purpose of a title company is to examine and ensure the title to real estate for the use of transfer of ownership. Whenever I sell my home, I am eager to make sure all this happens correctly and promptly.

Why? Because the sooner the title company finishes its work, the sooner I get proceeds to check in my hand! Naturally, title companies are in business to make a profit, and the legal researchers, administrators, and attorneys involved are all interested in creating a living.

So that means there are significant fees for their services, and one of the reasons I want to select my own title company whenever I sell my home is so that I can anticipate the fee I’ll pay at closing. And just as naturally as the title companies being in business to make a profit, real estate brokers and lender s are often associated with individual title companies because they have a fee arrangement between all their firms.

I like to make sure that other people are not getting a better deal than I am when I pay my closing costs. I want to save money on closing costs, just like everybody else. If my buyer is using a lender, I want to make sure that the lender is not pushing expenses over to my side, the sellers’ bottom of the closing statement. If you are not familiar with closing costs or closing practices in your area, my next suggestion could provide real cost savings to you when you sell your home.

Just remember this, I always ask to use my own title company when I sell my house. You should be able to use your own title company, and the broker or lender can use their own, too. It is called a split settlement, and it happens all the time. Over the years I’ve learned to ask to use my own title company when I sell a home

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