Bob Mackie Perfume Reviews

Mackie Perfume by Bob Mackie is a yummy oriental floral fragrance which was made especially for ladies. Mackie was released to the general public in 1991. It’s a delicious mixture of sweet and sweet pineapple, succulent fresh desserts, and salty mature peaches. The middle notes are constituted of sweet-smelling tuberose, aromatic orange blossom, memorable and classy vanilla, and exotic smelling narcissus. Mackie by Bob Mackie features classic, and ylang-ylang rose.

The fragrance is fruity floral that showcases the vanilla and roses aromas. The musk from the odour is tender and sophisticated and supplies a great touch of charm and allure. It’s an exotic and hot mixture of florals which is sufficiently strong to endure for quite a while but not so powerful that it disturbs or overpowers you.

Iridescence is just another perfume by Bob Mackie that girls like to wear. It’s tagged as an oriental floral and contains notes of cassia, fresh ripe cherry, beautiful iris, freesia, and the classic rose. The base notes include sandalwood, Tonka bean, musk, and flavorful vanilla. Iridescence by Bob Mackie is placed a beautiful bottle that will improve the visual appeal of any vanity.

It’s a sweet fragrance for everybody using a refreshing peachy aroma that’s both beautiful and attractive. Another Bob Mackie cologne is Masquerade by Bob Mackie. Masquerade is a sophisticated deep perfume that’s serious and intense. It had been launched from the year 200 and comprised oriental blossoms, musk, and woodsy notes. It’s a profound Eastern flair that amazes everyone who smells it.

Bob Mackie is the founder of several fine perfumes which are known not just for their quality and a higher degree of elegance but also for the alluring mystery of their yummy fragrances and the manner they make a lady feel.

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