Article Marketing-4 Must Have Pieces In Your Article

1. Keyword phrases. Use Traffic Travis and build a keyword list of 100 to 200 phrases relating to the theme of your Internet business. You can then target these keyword phrases in the article you write. You should also use your items like blog posts, and these keyword phrases can be the actual title. When you do this, you help the search engines know what your article is about. This makes it easier for them to rank you’re, which in turn helps you get more traffic to your website.

2. Structure. When people read an article on the Internet, it is different than reading a book or newspaper. For this reason, you need to structure the sentences in each paragraph, so they are short and to the point. You should also structure the body of your article around bullet points or numbered items.

Include a brief intro and closing paragraph, and you will find it is straightforward to write essays. I do not pay a lot of attention to keyword density. I do like to get my keyword phrase in the title, and the introduction and closing paragraph. I also want to write variations of my keyword as it sounds natural in the article. Never stuff your items with your keyword phrase.

3. Focused content. It is much easier to write an essay around one concentrated theme. When you do this, it’s easier to write an interesting article that the reader also finds useful. People come online looking for information or for answers to problems they have. These are good article ideas you can come up with to help keep your content focused.

4. Hyperlinked keyword phrase in the resource box. Link back to your website or a web page on your site with a keyword phrase that describes what that page is about. Your resource box should also include your name and a special offer you have for the reader. Article marketing can be a great source of the traffic to your website if you have a short and well-crafted resource box.

These are four must-have pieces that are important in every article. Article marketing works if you do enough of it, and you do it correctly.

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