A Fresher Look On Your Business Cards

Are you tired of the old and weary-looking business cards you’ve had since…ever? You might have the last box of our custom business cards, and you’re telling yourself that this is the right time to start creating a fresher look. So what’s keeping you from doing so?

Go ahead and organize your things. Start creating your custom business cards that would reflect how you want your target clients to see you. Freshen up your look and do a total makeover to your print cards.

All you need right now is to see business cards that have been successful in their rights. You may want to adopt a layout or mix and match a few. You can even tweak what you have right now.

The bottom line is to get your sheets of boring custom business cards and have a professional business card printing company to produce a total makeover. You can even make colour business cards you’ve wanted in ages.

It’s time for a change.

Here are a few makeover tricks you can use:

1. Create a standard sized business card, either vertical or horizontal in orientation…but then develop a design that can be easily customized when needed. This way, your custom business cards become so flexible that you can have a different batch every time.

2. Put your logo and company name, which are the most stable elements in your print cards. The rest, well, you can always alter according to the client you are targeting.

Or, you can also provide a pre-printed company name, address and phone number, while the rest (i.e., name, title, mobile number, and email address) can be added in-house.

By using a template, not only will you give the flexibility to create custom business cards for every occasion, but you can also cut on your business card printing expenses.

3. Create not just business cards but functional company cards that you can use for other purposes. One company got their business cards to do double duty as product tags.

4. Play with your fonts and layout. Don’t be stuck with the same old regular fonts. Use your typeface as design instead of pictures and illustrations.

5. Use colour business cards rather than the same old boring black-on-white. And if you have a limited budget, why not use coloured paper instead. It lessens the costs during business card printing, but still grabs the attention of your clients.

Use these makeover tricks and see the difference it’ll make to your business cards new look.

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