5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Article Marketing

If you are struggling with article marketing, here are five things you can do to jumpstart your efforts.

1. Keywords. This is important because people still sit down in front of their computer and type in a keyword phrase into a search engine search box. People Google search precisely what they want information on. When you write articles that provide this type of information, you have the chance to be found because the search engines can rank your items in their results. Developing a long keyword list relating to the theme of your business will help you with topics to write articles on. You can also use these keywords in other ways, such as webpage development and blogging.

2. Become good at writing titles. I like to look at subject lines in emails I receive. I also want to go to article directories and see what other people are writing about. A title that catches a person’s eye is significant. With so many articles in an article directory, you need to become good at making your title stand out. Develop a swipe file of potential claims. Spend some time writing and rewriting titles until you become natural at doing it.

3. Content matters. Come up with new ideas to say the same thing. Come up with fresh ideas to say new things. The unique content you can create the more potential website visitors you will get because people will appreciate the quality of your information.

4. Write a perfect resource box. Again you can look at what some of the other top authors in article directories are doing. Your whole goal with your article is to get people to click on the link you put in the resource box. This gives you the chance to make money when they make it to your site. I have found it interesting in the past that your resource box does not have to contain a lot of words to get the results you want. Work at developing the best possible resource box you can with the fewest number of words and your click-through rate will go up.

5. Submit unique articles. Google put everyone on notice a few months ago that exclusive content is what they want. This means that submitting the same report to multiple article directories is not going to benefit you or the list anymore. Using a service such as Submit Your Article, to develop unique versions of your articles is a much better way to maximize one item.

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