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Christian MotivationMotivation, Inspiration, Encouragement and Resources to help you Reign in Life.   Below is the transcript for the video Praise the lord. It’s Moses here at Christian Motivation “ its a privilege once again to share with you the Word of God and the thoughts and resources that I believe will help you reign in life.

I will be continuing from where we left off last time. For those who have not had the opportunity to check out the last video I posted, I encourage you to go to ChristianMotivation.tv and look at the video, that is, in case you’re watching this video from somewhere else other than the website. For those who have already watched the first video, I hope you’ve taken the time to see how to manage your time or how you are using your time so that you can be able to get to the next level.

I want to encourage all of you to be people of action. One thing I have realized is that it doesn’t matter how much information one has if one doesn’t take action, it is useless information. Such information will not empower anyone. So my desire and encouragement to you are that as I share these few things, take action so that you able to see results.

We are supposed to be hearers and doers of the Word “ it doesn’t matter how many resources I share with you or how good the information that I share with you is; if you do not take action, you will not see any results in your life. So if we are going to reign in life, we’ve got to act on the information we hear or receive. That is what wisdom all about “ wisdom is applying the knowledge that we have correctly and we know that wisdom is better than money. That’s what the Bible says. Again, I encourage you to take action on the things that I share with you.

Now, let’s take a brief recap on the things that we shared last time. We mentioned the four things that have the potential to determine the quality of your life which are: your thoughts, your decisions or the choices you make, your relationships, and time.

In the first video, we talked about time and how we can utilize it efficiently or spend it. Today I will be talking about your thoughts. Whether we know it or not, our thoughts are what make us. The Word of God says that as a man thinks, so is he. As a man thinks, so is he. Everything you see in your life is a result of the thoughts that you’ve had.

So if you want to change the course of your life, you’ve got to change your thoughts. If you want to change your emotions, how youre feeling, you’ve got to start with your thoughts. Thoughts are, so to speak, the foundation from which we build. Your destiny begins with your thoughts. Now there are two types of thoughts that I want us to look at.

When I was meditating on this, I realized that we actually have two types of thoughts: unintentional thoughts and intentional thoughts. I want us to look at thoughts as seeds that are planted in you. There are thoughts that come to you as unintentional seeds. In other words, you were not thinking about it, but it dropped into your mind. That is an unintentional though.

It is not something that you took time to think about. It just came to your mind. That’s how we get ideas. Ideas can be unintentional. An idea just pops into your mind from nowhere. That is also how temptations come to us. A thought in the form of temptation comes to you. So, unintentional thoughts can be ideas or temptations.

On the other hand, there are intentional thoughts. Something that comes to you as unintentional could turn out to become intentional. Or, you may be intentionally thinking about something and we usually call that meditation “ you have purposed to think about something.

You must realize that meditation on intentional thoughts can be either negative or positive. It just depends on what you are thinking about. When you choose or purpose to think about unintentional thought, you are taking time to build on that thought. Usually, all thoughts begin as unintentional.

This is the way the devil tempts us. He drops a sinful thought in our mind, we either choose to build on that seed or we neglect that seed. When an idea/thought pops into your head, what you do with that idea is really your choice whether you intentionally build that idea up and make it into a reality or not.

There are many people who have had good ideas which never crossed from the unintentional to the intentional side. They never take time to really meditate on that idea. They never take time to really focus on that idea and water it, fertilize it, by meditation or intentionally thinking about the idea.

This is a good choice when it comes to temptations. Temptations become sin when you intentionally start thinking about them. What the devil does is to give you a thought which you can start thinking about and building on.

What are you doing?

You are intentionally thinking about it and then before long, it will become sin. Intentional thoughts can be positive or negative, for example, fear, which is negative, begins with a thought. I actually heard somebody say that fear is an acronym for False Expectation Appearing Real. Fear really starts as a thought and when you started building on it by thinking on the outcome of that fear, which is negative, then fear takes root and is established.

There are also positive things we can think about and we actually have the power to even direct our emotions through thinking positively.  An example of the outcome of this is motivation. Motivation is about getting an idea that is good and thinking about it causing you to get emotionally elevated.

Paul gives us the kind of things that we should think about in Philippians 4:8 ” Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report: if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those are the things we should be thinking about all the time. Why? Because thinking or meditating on such things produces positive results.

The other thing we must understand about thoughts is that they can be discarded especially the negative thoughts or temptations. What I mean is that a negative thought can be ignored; however, just ignoring it will not take it away. It has to be replaced with or displaced by a good thought. As children of God, we can replace a negative thought with the word of God.

When temptation comes your way or when something that you know shouldn’t be in your life comes your way in terms of thought, you’ve got to combat it with the word of God. That’s the difference that we see between the first Adam and the last Adam. When the enemy came to the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve with the thought that resulted in disobedience, they were not able to replace the thought with a concrete Word of God.

They should have said no to him and quoted word for word what God said, but they did not do that. Instead, they listened to that devil, built on the thought that the devil had told them, about knowing good and evil. Thinking more about it, they decided to eat of the fruit. But when the devil came to the last Adam, praise the Lord, the last Adam used the Word of God. For every thought/temptation that came his way, he always refuted it with the Word of God. Again we must remember that we cannot just ignore thoughts.

When evil thoughts or temptations come your way, they should be confronted with the Word of God. That is the only way one is able to successfully discard them. Once a thought enters the mind, it should is either replaced- pushed out, or it slips on to the subconscious to be stored deeper.

It is not just let go automatically. I want you to think about it. When you’re driving on the freeway (your regular route, say to work or to church) you may see a billboard. Sometimes you may not pay particular attention to that billboard, but you will realize that just because you looked at it, somehow you will remember it; and if maybe, after a couple of months they change that billboard, you will quickly realize that it has been changed. Now, another thing we need to understand is how thoughts enter into our lives or minds.

The two gates through which we receive them are the eyes and then the ears. Thoughts travel through the things we see and hear. Therefore in order to control our thoughts, we’ve got to control the things we see and the things that we hear. Pay attention to what you hear and to what you are seeing.

If you want to control your thought life, which eventually controls your life, you’ve got to be very careful about the things you see and the things you hear. As children of God, which we are, it is our responsibility to keep our eyes in the Word and our ears hearing the Word. We’ve got to surround ourselves with people that are going to build us up in the Word.

We cannot afford to get caught up in things that are going to pull us down, bring fear, or minister discouragement and doubt. As much as possible, we have got to guard our hearts by guarding what we see and hear. Our focus should mainly be on the Word of God; hearing the Word of God, seeing the Word of God, reading books that are based on the Word, listening to people, like preachers and ministers, who minister encouragement, hope, and things that are going to show us the Godly direction which is the direction to where we are going. And that’s how we are going to be able to make the quality of our lives better. I mentioned something, just a few minutes ago, about guarding your heart.

This was with the understanding that thoughts begin as something in the head, and as they are meditated upon, giving them more time and focus, they move from the head into the heart forming our beliefs which in turn influence our actions and our speech.  When you think about something long enough, you will create a belief.

You then start acting on that belief that is taking action on the things that you believe and you will start also speaking the things that you believe. These are things that really give birth to what you become or what you are in life.

They will create things like habits that will eventually drive you to destiny. So in order to control your life, your destiny, thoughts are the foundation. You’ve got to start with your thoughts; and as I said, guard the thoughts that go through your ears and your eyes which are the two main gates. To control the quality of your life, you need to be in control of what you see and what you hear.

I hope you have been encouraged and if you have found this helpful, I will appreciate your letting others know about it so that it can be a blessing to as many people as possible.

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